“Stop this noise!”,

The teacher ,provoked, shouted at us,

Keeping away the stationary that we had used as toys,

We looked at the teacher with innocent eyes.

What had started as a friendly game of pen fight,

Had become like a battle of the Knights,

Girls on one side, boys on the other,

We had sworn to fight each other,

The game begin,

And on every face there was a grin,

Pens flying all around,

And the game became so intense that every girl frowned,

The girls had only one shot to win,

But the boys were not ready for this sin,

Everyone looked attentively at the game,

And one of the girl took the aim.

When the teacher came and shouted at us,

And all of us scrambled into our bench,

We looked at the teacher as if we hadn’t done anything,

But we knew that we had a game to complete.




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