All I know.

I don’t know where you’ve been,

I don’t know where you are from,

But all I know that you are,

The nicest person I have ever met.


I don’t know what your past is,

I don’t know what your future holds,

All I know that someday,

You will reach the sky above.


I don’t know what hardships you’ve been through,

I don’t know what miracles have happened in your life,

All I know is that you are the greatest hero,

The world has ever got.


You don’t know your greatest strengths,

You just know your weaknesses,

But I know that one day,

You’ll be more successful than you have ever been before.


If you think the darkness has swallowed you,

If you think there is no light to guide you,

All I can say is that let your dreams and aspirations,

Shine brightly to guide you home.



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