Bags beneath her eyes,

Frizzy hair,

And skin completely pale,

Hatred for the day and hatred for the night,

And happiness seems out of sight.

Sometimes gibberish,

And sometimes completely aware,

Not getting enough sleep is her only despair.

She tries her best,

But the moment she lays,

She gets lost in her thoughts maze,

Thinking about the things she did.

Her heart constantly craves,

For the dreams she has never seen,

Waiting for the day,

When she will sleep without any pain.


4 thoughts on “Insomnia.

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  2. I went through a period of insomnia, and you captured it just right. I used Ambien and shop at night without knowing until the packages started arrive. Thought my identity had been stolen, but since they arrived at my home, that could not be right. Got it fixed. Returned a lot.

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  3. This is spot on! I understand and sympathize. I battled with this for many years. I’m a bit older now and for whatever reason, I barely struggle with it anymore. I do still stay up all night sometimes but not very often at all.

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