Bring me back!




A forgotten Christmas,

Dumb to witness.

Colour me white,

Then colour me black,

Grab me back from this surreptitious illness.

Bring me back to this wintery world,

Cold and dark,

Struggling to make a mark.

Bring me back,

Let me put a star on the top,

Bring me back,

‘Cause I’m not dead till I drop.

(It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been publishing poems on this account! I remember how I used to make sure to publish one poem in every two days and now I am struggling to write even one poem a month🙈. I will try to write more poems next year, because I enjoy writing so much!! But I cannot really promise, as nowadays poems don’t flow out of my head as easily as they used to before🙈. Here’s a poem that I wrote recently! It’s slightly confusing and I am not sure what exactly it is trying to convey, but I hope it would mean something to you all. Also, maybe give me a little constructive criticism so that I can become a better poet next year! I hope you guys have a really happy New Year!!😊🥳

– Vijiti )


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