You walk in, in a dreamy black suit,

A feisty green aura surrounding you,

Your icy cold hands touch mine,

Till they tangle themselves together,

Is it my time to shine?

You take me by the water,

Drown me,

Leave me helpless in the cold,

While you shine bright.

Your warmth gives me hope to survive,

While your cold hands push me in the water.

What are you I ask,

When it strikes me,

You can only be Jealousy,

Cause Jealousy is a hard one to fight.




Bring me back!




A forgotten Christmas,

Dumb to witness.

Colour me white,

Then colour me black,

Grab me back from this surreptitious illness.

Bring me back to this wintery world,

Cold and dark,

Struggling to make a mark.

Bring me back,

Let me put a star on the top,

Bring me back,

‘Cause I’m not dead till I drop.

(It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been publishing poems on this account! I remember how I used to make sure to publish one poem in every two days and now I am struggling to write even one poem a month🙈. I will try to write more poems next year, because I enjoy writing so much!! But I cannot really promise, as nowadays poems don’t flow out of my head as easily as they used to before🙈. Here’s a poem that I wrote recently! It’s slightly confusing and I am not sure what exactly it is trying to convey, but I hope it would mean something to you all. Also, maybe give me a little constructive criticism so that I can become a better poet next year! I hope you guys have a really happy New Year!!😊🥳

– Vijiti )



Head hurts,

Neurons fire

Not a beautiful phenomena,

I think I think for what I desire,

But what i desire is not to think at all.

An endless spiral,

Into it I fall,

Fall, fall, fall.

Expressionless face,

Working at my normal pace,

Like my physical body

Is detached from my mental state.

Down, down, down.

Hold on to something I scream,

Can’t, can’t, can’t,

Down I fall in self pity.

No hope, no happiness

No feelings at all,

As I fall endlessly,

Into the spiral of my thoughts.



Feel like tearing my skin apart,

To reach to the brain,

And shut the voices causing me pain.

Overwhelmed but my face is pale,

I know this is an eternal hail.

I scream and shout

I frazzle out

I run, I run

I sprint afar

I cry, I laugh

I am falling apart

My eyes are swollen,

And I am slowly sliding down.


To all the people.

To all the people going through mental illness,

To all the people who cannot see their inner brilliance,

To all the people who get anxious,

Or are afraid of social interactions,

Some days are just a little grey,

When you feel like fading away,

I won’t tell you that it’s going to be fine,

Cause no matter what it is difficult to control our mind,

I won’t tell you not to lose hope,

Cause some days you feel like you have no scope.

I will sit with you in the darkness till you don’t see the light,

I will be there with you till I don’t see your face shine with delight,

Just remember that it’s okay to have a bad day,

And it’s okay to be afraid,

You are not less than others,

You just require the sweet winter air after a tedious summer.




Bags beneath her eyes,

Frizzy hair,

And skin completely pale,

Hatred for the day and hatred for the night,

And happiness seems out of sight.

Sometimes gibberish,

And sometimes completely aware,

Not getting enough sleep is her only despair.

She tries her best,

But the moment she lays,

She gets lost in her thoughts maze,

Thinking about the things she did.

Her heart constantly craves,

For the dreams she has never seen,

Waiting for the day,

When she will sleep without any pain.


A mothers saying.

He stumbled down the stairs again,

He went straight to his mother and hugged her leg,

She gently lifted him and wiped his tears,

And said, ‘ You are stronger than your fears.

An instant smile lit his eyes,

And he repeated his mothers saying not once but twice,

With the little courage he had gathered,

He walked down the stairs not falling this time,

Not falling again.

He grew older,

And the stairs became steeper,

But his mothers saying still rang in his ears,

And he knew he was stronger than his fears.



She screamed, shouted and tried to run away,

She said she wanted to go home,

But she couldn’t remember where she stayed.

The faces around her were unknown,

She couldn’t remember her name,

Or who she was,

Her memories had faded away.

She was confused and lost,

She felt alone,

The people around her were trying to help her,

But she couldn’t trust a soul.

The more she tried to remember,

The more her head would ache,

She wanted to leave the room and run away.

‘Amnesia’, she heard the doctor say,

And realized her memories would never come back again.



Under my bed.

There is someone hiding under my bed,

He gives me dreams and nightmares,

Sometimes even wakes me up at night,

As he slowly moves in the shadows,

Trying to stay out of sight.

I can see his pale yellow eyes every time I look under my bed,

Sometimes I feel he is pleading for help.

He isn’t my friend or my foe,

But I wish I could free him,

So that he can go back home.

I tried to seek help from the elders,

They say he is nothing more than my imagination,

But how can they explain,

The rapid breathing I hear every night,

And the thumping sound that he makes.



Let us get up and going.

Let us get up and going,

As we have a lot to discover,

Gather your friends,

The more the merrier.

At night we would sing,

Around the bonfire,

And our days

Would be filled with warmth and laughter.

But one unexpected day we would have to part with each other,

Following the path we want to discover.

But I assure you that we would soon meet,

Then we would play,

In the warm light,

Bestowed by the heaven upon us.