They said that her heart was made of ice,

As she didn’t look older than sixteen.

Her face would always have a smile,

Even though,

Inside her little hurricanes would occasionally rise.

They said she couldn’t feel love, pain or sorrow,

But they hadn’t seen her cry,

They hadn’t seen the bruises,

Given by the treacherous humans,

As they were perfectly hidden by her sleeves.

Even a little bit of warmth,

Could have melted that ice-heart,

But none were ready to provide it,

Maybe they feared the woman that she could become.



Notable change.

What goes on in that little mind of yours,

Nobody will ever know,

Is it something old?

Or is it something new?

Maybe it’s some kind of mischief,

You are going to perform,

A one that will put you in trouble,

But I guess you ready to face the consequences.

Or maybe it is a sad thought,

About a day long gone,

But your mind fills up with those memories,

Until you don’t drown.

But I can’t see any smirk,

Or a frown on your face,

I guess you are very good at concealing that notable change.




I enter the salon,

With a pounding heart,

I am going to try a new hairstyle after all.

Maybe I shouldn’t do it,

What if he cuts it short?

These are the thoughts,

Constantly making my stomach churn.

With my fingers crossed,

I sit on the chair,

Explaining him seems like a nightmare.

And as I hear the scissors chop,

I feel like a cur is biting my hair off,

I can only close my eyes in fear.

But after a few minutes,

My happiness has no bounds,

As I flip my soft and newly styled hair,

In the air.




Mother Nature.

She is the one
Who has the wind in her command,
To help her sail,
But she wouldn’t budge
Without helping others with her power.

She is the one
Who could sprout trees from the ground
Providing shade to a passerby
And fruits,
Sweeter than anything in the world.

She is the one
Due to which a million hearts beat
And eyes light up with happiness.
She is a perfect balance of good and bad,
She is the rainbow and the hurricane.

But she couldn’t be the one
Who could control minds
Of the people
Who make elaborate plans to destroy her.
She is Mother Nature.



Just a vague thought.

I have a vague thought in my mind,

And I guess I should speak it out,

It is about the world we are living in

Is it beautiful or foul?

Sometimes it gives us immense happiness,

And sometimes it sucks it all away

Just like a Dementor,

Sometimes it gives us our hearts desire,

While sometimes it takes it away.

I know ups and downs are a part of life,

But I really cannot understand,

Why can’t we remain happy forever?



Bright future.

He sits there quietly,

Wagging his tail joyfully.

Occasionally getting up to be patted

By a lonely passerby.

He looks at the traffic intently,

Noting each and every thing.

His furry coat which could have been shiny,

Is covered with fleas,

But his eyes are bright with hope.

He then stretches himself,

Gets up beautifully,

Walks down the road,

And makes himself comfortable

On a pile of leaves.

He has no worries about tomorrow,

His face has a big smile,

He is sure of meeting his genie,

Who will soon make his future bright.


3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 1

Thank you so much for nominating me to such a wonderful challenge. Head over to her blog to read some amazing short stories and poems!! 🙂


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
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  • Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

Day 1-Quote:


This, in my opinion, is a very wonderful quote as it inspires to be different and I believe everyone is unique and different in their own way!

I hope you’ll like reading this quote and get inspired as much as I did!

Thank you! 🙂

My nominations are:



Flowers bloom with joy,

As the first ray of summer creeps in.

The sunbeam finally brings us relief,

After the cold, fretful days of the winter.

The leaves look greener,

And the white,cotton-candy like clouds

Claim their territory,

On the infinite blue sky.

Joy and merriment

Now fills the air,

As the world finally wakes up,

From its icy sleep.



Just a bit different.

I am just a wee bit different,

Don’t do the things the normal way,

I think everyone should be different,

But the world doesn’t seem to see that way.

The rules cannot be followed by me,

I like to look beyond them,

Finding a new path discovered by nobody,

A path where I will be free,

Instead of following the path

Depleted by many.

Inside the rules,they say,

I will be safe,

But who wants to be safe when you can’t be free?!

I say,

Venture out of the boundaries,

Look at the world out there,

It is certainly nice and peaceful,

Far removed from the world in which you are living today.




100 followers!! Yaayy!!🎉
I really didn’t know that my poems were worth so much love.
Whenever I read a beautiful piece written by you all I get inspired and something gleams inside me helping me write better.
I hope that you continue to enjoy my poems.
Thank you so much for inspiring me and for liking my poems. It really means a lot!
Thank you!!!😊

Well, I don’t know why but since I saw that I have received 100 followers these lines from Robert Frost’s poem ‘Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening’ have been ringing in my mind :
“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep”
They certainly are beautiful lines and the whole poem is just wonderful!
I consider this as my milestone and I guess I do have a long way to go!

Thank you!!😊

Lots of love,
Vijiti (That’s my real name!)