Let’s trace back all those years,

when we had smiles and fears.

It all started as a child,

when we were soft and mild.

Giggles and laughter would fill our rooms,

and we used to fear things like brooms.

Then we slowly grew,

and like a bird our imagination flew.

Wearing capes and running around the house,

but even these heroes feared a mouse.

Soon we became adolescents,

and our life changed from colorful to fluorescent.

Our life was then filled with studies,

but we enjoyed every bit without any worries.

Then we grew older,

and along with that we became bolder.

Ambitious and courageous,

we surged towards our goals,

dodging all obstacles and holes.

Not looking back even once,

laughing with our friends on puns.

We still have a long way to go,

and lots of seeds to sow.

I don’t know what will happen next in your life,

But I hope it’s filled with more happiness than plight.

So let us be the  Conveyor  of our hopes and dreams,

and grow the tree of life with the fruits of our memories.