Follow your dreams.

Standing on the edge of the cliff,

Darkness on my right and my dreams on the left,

All I have to do is take the plunge

To follow my dreams,

But I don’t know if I’ll survive the fall,

Or fly,

The darkness looks convincing,

But my dreams make me happier,

I know I have to make a choice,

But my mind is frantic with fear.

I know in the darkness I’ll be cushioned to safety,

And my dreams would lead me to several obstacles,

But I guess I  have to take the leap,

As something out there is telling me,

To follow my dreams.



Why do they stop me?

Faceless people haunt me at night,

Ordering me to give up my dreams,

Should I listen to them?

Or should I fight them?

Is what I constantly think.

When I give in to them,

Thinking they might

Lead me to a paradise,

But instead they leave me in the darkness,

Telling me there will soon be light,

With a little hope I wait,

But every time I try to look for the light,

They draw another curtain of darkness.

I then try to run free,

But find my self handcuffed to them,

I try to break all the bonds,

But they won’t let me ,

Is chasing your dreams a bad thing?

If not,

Then why do they stop me?