Flowers bloom with joy,

As the first ray of summer creeps in.

The sunbeam finally brings us relief,

After the cold, fretful days of the winter.

The leaves look greener,

And the white,cotton-candy like clouds

Claim their territory,

On the infinite blue sky.

Joy and merriment

Now fills the air,

As the world finally wakes up,

From its icy sleep.



Just a bit different.

I am just a wee bit different,

Don’t do the things the normal way,

I think everyone should be different,

But the world doesn’t seem to see that way.

The rules cannot be followed by me,

I like to look beyond them,

Finding a new path discovered by nobody,

A path where I will be free,

Instead of following the path

Depleted by many.

Inside the rules,they say,

I will be safe,

But who wants to be safe when you can’t be free?!

I say,

Venture out of the boundaries,

Look at the world out there,

It is certainly nice and peaceful,

Far removed from the world in which you are living today.



The Irony

Head down,

Hands busy,

Typing vigorously,

And neglecting all the other work,

Eyes glued to the machine,

That impairs our vision,

Not looking up even for a second.

Affecting our temper,

Which is spilled over in a froth of rage.

And whenever I ask the lord above,

“Oh! When will we change?”

I always get an answer,

“Maybe not today.”

So what is the irony in this?

Well, won’t you be reading this on your phone?




Flour sprinkled all over the platform,

Along with little globs of butter,

A spatula left neglected by the sink,

And used utensils staring at me.

My apron is covered with chocolate,

And parts of my face is covered with flour,

Oh what a mess!

Finally I hear the beep of the oven,

And as I rush towards it,

I fall on my face,

The fall  thwarts me from reaching the oven,

But I pick myself up,

And as I start to reconcile to my fate,

I am forced to smile,

When I draw out a batch of perfectly baked cookies.



Pop That Bubble!

Pop that protective bubble of yours,

And let the world embrace you,

As the good out there is awaiting you.

Your obstacles will try to push you into the valley,

But concentrating on your happiness,

Will help you to reach the highest peaks.

All you have to do is hug your hardships,

Embrace them,

And a time will come,

When you will  always be happy.

So pop that inchoate bubble of yours,

Before it develops fully,

And shine brightly

On the path of your dreams.



The Little Ray Of Hope.

I don’t know where I am heading,

The path ahead is filled with obstacles,

I know I can’t turn back now,

After all I have come this far.

But thinking about the future,

Makes my stomach churn with fear.

I wish my destination would be,

As clear as the tear rolling down my eyes,

Because with every step I take,

My heart becomes heavier,

With grief and sorrow.

But I know there is still a little ray of hope,

Hiding somewhere behind my grief,

That helps me travel further,

And maybe one day,

It will help me achieve my dreams.




Have you ever felt entangled in your thoughts?

Like a million strings have suddenly overpowered your mind.

So much going on in that brain of yours,

That you just can’t decide.

Have you got a thousand thoughts ,

Radiant at the back of your mind,

But you still have nothing to write?

I wonder why this happens,

Why we can’t control our thoughts?

Is it a bliss?

Or some divine wrath?



Make your own light!

They say, ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel’

But is it really there?

Cause I am not able to see it,

The toxic darkness must have swallowed me then.

I can only wonder,

What would it feel like

To  have the light touch my body and soul.

Would it bring me warmth and happiness?

And would it free me from this eternal cold?

Thinking about it makes me so happy,

That now I realise,

That the light is not at the end of the tunnel,

But it is in my soul,

I guess I don’t have to follow the light,

But make one myself,

And with that light I have to guide others,

To make their own light too.



Follow your dreams.

Standing on the edge of the cliff,

Darkness on my right and my dreams on the left,

All I have to do is take the plunge

To follow my dreams,

But I don’t know if I’ll survive the fall,

Or fly,

The darkness looks convincing,

But my dreams make me happier,

I know I have to make a choice,

But my mind is frantic with fear.

I know in the darkness I’ll be cushioned to safety,

And my dreams would lead me to several obstacles,

But I guess I  have to take the leap,

As something out there is telling me,

To follow my dreams.



Why do they stop me?

Faceless people haunt me at night,

Ordering me to give up my dreams,

Should I listen to them?

Or should I fight them?

Is what I constantly think.

When I give in to them,

Thinking they might

Lead me to a paradise,

But instead they leave me in the darkness,

Telling me there will soon be light,

With a little hope I wait,

But every time I try to look for the light,

They draw another curtain of darkness.

I then try to run free,

But find my self handcuffed to them,

I try to break all the bonds,

But they won’t let me ,

Is chasing your dreams a bad thing?

If not,

Then why do they stop me?