They say ‘With time people change.’

But do they really change?

Or is it that times maze

Leads us to their true face?

‘He/she must be a bad person!’ we say,

But doesn’t this make us knave?

As we judge people on what we see,

Without even looking for their key,

To open the door of their true personality,

Which may lead us to a foreign room of versatility.

But do you know what is the most difficult task?,

It is to remove our own mask.


Eternal beauty.

On the green grass,

We set our campfire,

With a gentle stream,

Flowing beside us,

And two identical

Flowers sprouted

From the earth.

Birds chirped their

Last song for the day.

And soft winds,

Blew on our face.

Night crawled in,

Bringing with it,

Thousand stars.

The air was mixed,

With the smell of our food,

And the sweet smell

Of the grass.

The sound of the river

Against the river bed,

Soothed our ears,

Bringing merriment.

Frogs croaked,

Fireflies flew,

And the earth seemed to,

Show off its beauty,

It’s eternal beauty.




Floating in the sky,

With my head held high,

I could see the world from there,

Like a tiny little speck.

My wings soared gallantly,

As I came down to touch the stream,

It glistened with the sun’s beam,

And I could see little fishes swimming beautifully.

I flew up again,

Feeling the cool wind blowing on my face.

I touched the soft clouds,

And even went through a rainbow,

Leaving behind me a colourful trail,

Such beauty I had never seen before,

And I flew to places where I had never been,

And saw the world that no one had ever seen.

As day turned to dusk,

The sky blushed,

With the setting sun,

And the world looked even more beautiful than before.




“Stop this noise!”,

The teacher ,provoked, shouted at us,

Keeping away the stationary that we had used as toys,

We looked at the teacher with innocent eyes.

What had started as a friendly game of pen fight,

Had become like a battle of the Knights,

Girls on one side, boys on the other,

We had sworn to fight each other,

The game begin,

And on every face there was a grin,

Pens flying all around,

And the game became so intense that every girl frowned,

The girls had only one shot to win,

But the boys were not ready for this sin,

Everyone looked attentively at the game,

And one of the girl took the aim.

When the teacher came and shouted at us,

And all of us scrambled into our bench,

We looked at the teacher as if we hadn’t done anything,

But we knew that we had a game to complete.





They say “Roses are red
Violets are blue”
But why is it so, I have no clue.
Why oh why can birds fly?
And why oh why are giraffes so high?
Darwin and Lamarck tried to explain this,
But even their theories were a miss,
So now have we come to a conclusion?
Cause I feel I am surrounded by illusions.
Have you ever wondered what would happen if we had wings?
Would it be beautiful or would it make us jinxed?
 Would we be flying smoothly in the beautiful sky,
Or would we then fly into the poles so high?
What if everything in this world becomes topsy-turvy?
Or if all the trees suddenly start looking gnarly,
Or what if…………..
The options are endless and so is your imagination,
Which is the greatest present of every generation.




Let’s trace back all those years,

when we had smiles and fears.

It all started as a child,

when we were soft and mild.

Giggles and laughter would fill our rooms,

and we used to fear things like brooms.

Then we slowly grew,

and like a bird our imagination flew.

Wearing capes and running around the house,

but even these heroes feared a mouse.

Soon we became adolescents,

and our life changed from colorful to fluorescent.

Our life was then filled with studies,

but we enjoyed every bit without any worries.

Then we grew older,

and along with that we became bolder.

Ambitious and courageous,

we surged towards our goals,

dodging all obstacles and holes.

Not looking back even once,

laughing with our friends on puns.

We still have a long way to go,

and lots of seeds to sow.

I don’t know what will happen next in your life,

But I hope it’s filled with more happiness than plight.

So let us be the  Conveyor  of our hopes and dreams,

and grow the tree of life with the fruits of our memories.